Pony Club Gym believes that anyone should have access to fitness and learning, regardless of their body shape, size, gender, age, sexuality, race, ability and or identity.


Strength and Conditioning

This class is designed to help build strength and mobility in all areas. There is a focus on proper technique first and foremost. The class is designed to create a good base for building strength in a way that is sustainable to your body. Classes are capped at 7 and can be tailored for anyone attending depending, on your needs. Book in on our booking page.


Personal Training

Personal Training can run as a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 session. This is a good way to have an individualised program to assist with rehab, strength building, movement, mobility and technique. Book in on our booking page.


Open Gym

Open Gym is a time when you can come in and train at your own leisure. No coaching or instruction is provided during this time. Open Gym slots run for 3 hours and are capped at 5 people. A personalised program can be arranged if needed. Book in on our booking page.



Classes coming mid 2019.


Remote Coaching and Programming

Remote Coaching allows you to access a custom fitness program using a free app on your phone. Your program will include instructional videos and allow you to upload vids for coaching comment. You can do a mix of in-person coaching or remote coaching using your program from another space. For more info just call us or send us an email by clicking the envelope down below.